Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Lab Science Certification Preparatory – Continuing Education Program that serves as training for individuals who possess a MLT, a Bachelor of Science (BS), Master of Science (MS), or PhD in Science to complete and sit for the Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) certification exam.

Why was the Medical Lab Science Certification Prep. - Continuing Education Program created?

● It was initially created to assist the working professional who is either a MLT, completed a MLS program but did not complete their certification, and the BS/MS working individual who wants to gain knowledge and advance in their
career path.
● The program’s goal is to provide those working professionals in the laboratory science industry with another alternative to the traditional one- or two-year full- time MLS academic program. The NMG program is intended to be a comprehensive refresher program consisting of 10 courses (including test taking skills), case studies, interactive exercises, and quizzes and exams. The program is designed to give students the confidence and techniques they need to expand in their roles and obtain this much-needed certification.
● Over the past 20 years there has been a significant shortage of certified medical laboratory scientists. There are numerous reasons for this shortage:
         ○ The fluctuation in the number of MLS training schools due to the regulation changes.
         ○ 74% of employees are willing to learn new skills and want professional development to remain employable.
         ○ Laboratories need an accelerated, high quality, certification preparatory program for students/employees with a BS.

● The program was created by the Neal Management Group and CEO Dr. Lisa Pinkney to serve as preparation for individuals with a BS to complete and sit for the Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) certification exam and serve your
students or employees with a quality option versus them having to seek options themselves.

How will the Medical Lab Science Certification - Continuing Education Program benefit me professionally? personally?

● Allows individuals looking for a career shift/advancement or looking to be promoted within an advantage in the Medical Lab Science field.
● Provides organizations a solution if they are looking to invest in their employees to improve job satisfaction and retention.
● Provides a solution to corporations looking to increase revenue and minimize liability due to staffing issues.
● Provides a solution to institutions looking to provide students career opportunities into an expanding healthcare field.
● Provides an option for laboratories or medical practices who are looking to expand their employees’ knowledge on compliance.

How does this program differ from other programs?

This program differs from other programs in various ways. This program uses a state-of- the-art Learning Management System, Canvas and provides an interactive live instructor experience. We allow the opportunity for the students to have live interaction with the instructors in every course. Students can ask questions in real-time during assigned times. Canvas is a reliable web-based software that allows for the management of  digital learning, creation of online learning materials by educators, assessment of student learning, and engagement of students in courses with feedback. We find the benefit to integrating technology in education to enhance the learning experience.

Additionally, Dr. Pinkney has extensive experience in the laboratory science industry, including roles such as consultant, auditor, mentor, teacher, speaker, and volunteer. These experiences make her a highly respected industry thought leader with over 35 years of industry experience that provide her with valuable insights and expertise.

Moreover, Dr. Pinkney and Neal Management Group LLC have developed a ‘tried and true’ methodology for laboratory science. Coupled with her vast amount of success in ensuring regulatory compliance and operational efficiency, it’s clear that she has a deep understanding of the industry and knows what it takes to achieve excellence.

How do I get access to the learning management system?

Once you have been approved to participate in the program, a registration link will be sent to your email.

What order will the training Medical Lab Science courses/modules be presented in?

If you choose to purchase the entire refresher program, the courses will be given in the following order:  


1 Introduction and Overview
1a Test Taking Strategies (Part 1)
2 Phlebotomy
3 Urinalysis & Other Body Fluids
4 Hematology & Hemostasis
5 Chemistry
6 Immunology
7 Immunohematology/Blood Bank
8 Microbiology
9 Laboratory Operations
10 Public Health Laboratory Testing
1b Test Taking Strategies (Part 2)


Can I save my answers in the middle of my pretest exam and return to it later?

No. Please try to complete the pre-test in one sitting.

What is the education and medical background of the instructors?

All of the instructors possess a minimum of a Master of Science degree all the way to MD and PhDs. All of the instructors are certified Medical Laboratory Scientists and have passed the certification exam. Most are currently instructors and others have over 20 years of experience training and coaching experience.

How long is the course work in this program necessary to be prepared to set for the certification exam?

The program is for 10-weeks.

What is the program refund policy?

Students who decide to withdraw from the Program must notify Neal Management Group via email, questions@thenealgroupllc.com. No refunds will be given after three calendar days.

What are student expectations?
Student Expectations
In order to get the most out of this refresher course, the student should be prepared to:

  • A. Commit 9-10 hours per week (at minimum) to preparing to sit for a certification exam. The breakdown includes:
    • a. 1-2 hours – pre-work
    • b. 2-3 hours attending the refresher program
    • c. 3-4 hours independent studying
  • B. Research the certification requirements in advance. Checkout ASCP, AMT, or ABB.
  • C. Adopt positive study habits
  • D. Know/understand how you learn
    • a. Writing information down
    • b. Reading quietly
    • c. Highlighting key ideas and concepts
    • d. Using index cards
    • e. Using electronic tools to help you retain and comprehend information
What are the Fees associated with this program?
  • $1999.00 – Includes all 10 Courses
  • $399.00 per course
    • Phlebotomy
    • Chemistry
    • Microbiology
    • Hematology & Hemostasis
    • Urinalysis & Other Body Fluids
    • Immunology
    • Immunohematology/Blood Bank
    • Laboratory Operations
    • Public Health Laboratory Testing
    • Test Taking Strategies

Contact Questions@thenealgroupllc.com for additional questions or to set up an appointment.