Our Services

Our Services

Strategic Accounts

  • Ahmed Family Practice, Fulton County Board of Health, Genesis Healthcare Associates

Physician Medical Practice and Physician Office Laboratory (POL) Consulting

  • Develop medical office operating policies and procedures
  • Assist in medical office management of human resource activities
  • Establish and maintain medical office performance management metrics
  • Develop infrastructure and operations processes and systems
  • Design and implement Quality Management Systems
  • Obtain COLA accreditation
  • Support and maintain COLA accreditation
  • Provide COLA compliance training

Quality Management and Regulatory Compliance

  • Knowledgeable in ISO 9001:2015, COLA, ISO 17025
  • Create and perform laboratory audits
  • Perform facility and safety audits
  • Create Quality Management System
  • Corrective Action/Preventive Action (CAPA) Management
  • Develop and deploy customized training programs

Laboratory Consulting

  • Perform audits against standards and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Implement medical, technical and business process improvement
  • Perform staff training and development
  • Perform patient blood management consulting services
Fulton county Board of Health
Genesis Healthcare